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Protect your products with Hot Melt Strippable Coatings

Saw Blade Coating Melting Tanks

Evans Stripcoat hot melt coatings prevent damage due to rust and corrosion during storage and cushions items from damage during shipping and handling.

Evans Stripcoat 100% solid hot melt strippable protective coatings are a series of thermoplastics formulated to fit a wide variety of protective coating needs. These hot melt dip coatings can be used to protect cutting tools, saw blades, gages, end mills, gears, reamers, router bits, and various other parts. The ease of use and the ability to be remelted and reused many times makes this a true time and money saver.

Evans Stripcoat Type I

Evans Stripcoat, Type I

All Type I versions of Evans Stripcoat are based on Ethylcellulose.

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Evans Stripcoat Type II

Evans Stripcoat, Type II

All of our Type II coatings are based on Cellulose Acetate Butyrate.

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Evans Stripcoat Type IV

Evans Stripcoat, Type IV

Evans Stripcoat Type IV coatings are based on thermo-plastic rubber.

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