Is Evans Stripcoat Toxic?

Stripcoat is non-toxic and safe to use. It operates between 275 degrees F and 360 degrees F with a flash point over 410 degrees F. It contains no solvents.

How much does Evans Stripcoat cost?

Stripcoat is an economical method to provide the ultimate protection of your parts. It is quick and easy to apply, saving space and weight, when compared to other methods of packaging. Eight pounds of Stripcoat will melt into one liquid gallon.

One pound will cover 500 square inches, at 1/10 of an inch thick. Depending upon the type of Stripcoat, it will cost approximately $3.00 per pound and up. You can then protect the average item for pennies.

How do I apply Evans Stripcoat?

Since Stripcoat is a hot melt strippable protective coating, it needs to be melted. Stripcoat requires the correct melting equipment to work effectively.

We recommend and sell only electrically heated, thermostatically controlled melting tanks.

Stripcoat should never be heated over an open flame, hot plate, or gas operated equipment, as there is a possibility that the coating could ignite.

Once Stripcoat is melted correctly, you just immerse the item into the molten plastic for a few seconds and withdraw. It does not dry, but will cool and solidify within a minute. The part is now ready for shipment or storage.

How difficult is Evans Stripcoat to remove?

The protective coating is very easy to remove. It does not adhere but envelopes the part. It can be slit and peeled like an orange or banana.

What Evans Stripcoat is best for my needs?

Choosing the best Stripcoat depends upon the part to be protected and what you want the protective coating to do.

For instance, if your parts are highly susceptible to corrosion, the Type I Coatings will work best.

If your item is plated, stainless or painted, and corrosion is not an issue, but protecting the finish is, then the Type IV K-25 or K-25S may be the best choice.

If you have a large number of parts to protect and require a fast cooling time, then the Type II Coatings are the best choice.

What items work best with Evans Stripcoat?

Stripcoat is ideally suited for the protection of cutting tools and metal parts from corrosion and physical damage – drills, reamers, end mills, threaded parts, saw blades, gears, chisels, and any sharp cutting edge.

Stripcoat is also used to seal bottle tops, ends of electrical cables, gages, and bearings.

Stripcoat works best with any item that can be easily picked up in your hand.

Any problem with the hot melts protective coatings?

Users of Evans Stripcoat can avoid any problem by just following a few guidelines:

  1. Use electrically heated, thermostatically controlled equipment.
  2. Operate at the recommended temperature.
  3. Choose the correct size melting equipment.
  4. Use a minimum of 20 to 25% of the dip tank’s capacity everyday to prevent the darkening and degrading of the protective coatings.