Evans Stripcoat

stripcoat type i

Evans Stripcoat Type I

All Type I versions of Evans Stripcoat are based on Ethylcellulose

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stripcoat type ii

Evans Stripcoat Type II

All of our Type II coatings are based on Cellulose Acetate Butyrate

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stripcoat type iv

Evans Stripcoat Type IV

Evans Stripcoat Type IV coatings are based on thermo-plastic rubbaer.

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Stripcoat Melting Tanks

Temperature control is the most important factor in the use of Evans Stripcoat. We recommend heated thermostatically controlled melting equipment.

Special sizes available upon request.

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Easy Application

Application is easy. Just immerse the item into the molten plastic for a few seconds and withdraw. Solidification occurs within one minute. The coating does not adhere to the item’s surface, but “envelopes” it in a protective jacket. Aluminum foil or a small piece of tape can be used to seal any crevices or holes that the plastic should not fill as it covers the item.

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