Evans Stripcoat Type IV

stripcoat type 3

Stripcoat Type IV coatings are based on thermo-plastic rubber. These protective strippable coatings have a low operating temperature, no odor, and no messy oil residue. They are the softest of the Evans Stripcoat protective coatings yet are flexible enough to absorb shock and damage during handling Type IV coatings are less expensive than other types of dip coatings. These coatings are most affected by high temperature. Type IV protective coatings can be used as a protective sawblade coating and as a protective cutting tool coating and on various other small parts.


A durable protective strippable coating that is ideal for saws and other small items that do not require long term rust protection. This dip coating is available in clear and transparent red, blue, and green.


The most premium Type IV coating. It has the highest softening temperature, fastest setup time, most durable and easiest to remove of the two Type IV coatings. Works as an excellent saw blade coating and cutting tool coating. It can also be used to protect earth cores.