Applying Evans Stripcoat

Applying Evans Stripcoat Hot Melt Strippable Coatings

Application Process

Application is easy. Just immerse the item into the molten plastic for a few seconds and withdraw. Solidification occurs within one minute. The coating does not adhere to the item’s surface, but “envelopes” it in a protective jacket. Aluminum foil or a small piece of tape can be used to seal any crevices or holes that the plastic should not fill as it covers the item.

Items can be coated by dipping once using a non-wicking string or by double-dipping with an overlap.


Eight pounds of the plastic will melt into one liquid gallon with the thickness being around a tenth of an inch. The coverage from one pound of coating is approximately 500 square inches. The various grades of each type of coating can be mixed together, but the various types of coatings cannot be mixed.


Thermostatically controlled, electrically heated tanks are recommended for the melting process. Tanks should be matched to the size of the items to be coated, as excessively large equipment will cause degrading of the coating.